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About Repercussions

A riveting literary thriller, spanning past and present, South Africa and New York. The interlocking narratives of Repercussions are a spellbinding portrayal of exile, the meaning of home, and how a young couple’s attempt to liberate their country changes the lives of their family for generations.

2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Winner

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In the winter they started planting bombs…

Henry Wegland, a former ANC activist now living in New York City with his only son, encourages his grandson Saul to travel to South Africa to make a documentary about the people and events that led to the country’s liberation.

Saul begins to unravel the dark secrets of his grandfather’s past when he is kidnapped in a rural township. Henry, now in his twilight years, must come to a new understanding of his only son and make peace with the choices he once made for them both.

Spanning past and present in spellbinding, interlocking narratives, Repercussions is a gripping portrayal of entwined political and family dramas, the feeling of exile and the meaning of home.


Published by Permanent Press.

Previously published as A Quiet Kind of Courage by Penguin South Africa.